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New Workspace option in TFS 2011

It looks like all of the problems of the server controlled workspace will go away with TFS 2011. Local files will no longer be read-only and the problem of missing files will go away. Hopefully merges will get easier, too.

It’s interesting to see why they went with the server controlled workspace in the first place, but it basically created a system that worked well for Microsoft, but not most of their customers.

No word on when TFS 2011 will ship, though. But since they are calling it TFS 2011, maybe we will get something before the end of the year.


Microsoft “How Do I” videos

Here is a great source to learn more about different technologies in the Microsoft products that we use.  There are videos for both IT and Developers.

Microsoft “How Do I” Videos


IT Professionals:


Azure AJAX


.NET Framework

Internet Explorer

Dynamics AX

Internet Explorer Security

Internet Explorer


Native Coding

Exchange Online




Microsoft Online

Team Foundation Server

Office Communications Server

Visual Basic

Script Center

Visual Studio 2008


Visual C#

SharePoint Server

Windows 7

SQL Server

Windows Forms

System Center

Windows Phone



Windows Client


Windows Mobile


Windows Server 2008


Windows Server Terminal Services


Windows SharePoint Services


The Future: Native XAML

Interesting read regarding a post from yesterday about what Telerik — third party component library company (Stephen Forte is the Chief Strategy Officer at Telerik) thinks about the future of software development.

Executive Summary quotes for those that can’t be bothered to read the entire article:

I think that all of the recent focus on HTML5+JS by Microsoft is to hook the non-Microsoft developers who know nothing about Silverlight or .NET on the Windows 8 Tablet and get them building apps to compete against Android and iOS. I believe that what will evolve is that for the developer ecosystem is that HTML5+JS will primarily be used for building “apps” on the Tablet, but not for “real” line of business applications on the Web, “native” Windows, and XBox.


If the blog about the Native XAML and DirectUI/Jupiter project is true, then re-org of the XAML team makes complete sense. In case you missed the leaked news, the XAML runtime team at Microsoft is moving to join the Windows team, the XAML runtime team for Windows Phone 7, Xbox, and browser plug-ins is moving to the Windows Phone 7 team, and the XAML tools team will remain in the Microsoft developer tools division.

To me, this looks like Microsoft doubling down on its XAML strategy, not abandoning it. By putting the XAML runtime team under Windows, Microsoft is making XAML part of the core operating system. This is huge. Anything included as part of the Core OS is treated as royalty inside of Microsoft. It also means that any XAML based application (either in WPF or Silverlight) will run natively as part of Windows, opening up the door to even faster performance.


I have a feeling that Microsoft will leverage the Silverlight brand when releasing “Jupiter”. I expect to see one native XAML runtime and development environment ship as part of Windows 8, effectively merging WPF and Silverlight.

I don’t see Silverlight as being dead, but rather reborn bigger and better. Instead of being its funeral, the Build Conference will be Silverlight and XAML’s graduation party.

At Telerik, we are also going to double down on our XAML strategy.

ReSharper 6 released

The newest release of ReSharper is available and I have put on the DevTools share here:

\\isgfile02\devtools\Visual Studio 2010\AddIns\ReSharperSetup.6.0.2202.688.msi

This contains support for MVC Razor, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS 3.

Details are here:

You can upgrade now with a 30 day trial.  I will try to get approval for upgrades when we return after the holiday.